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Advanced diploma 5th year high school students are not eligible to participate in textbook buyback. Currently, nebraska book company, the largest national used book company in the united state, provides this service at our store during buyback. Nondigitalcan be curriculum or not, books or flash cards, but cds and dvds are excluded. Ucf bookstore student services university of central florida. The book has no monetary value because the publisher is releasing a new edition. This rate will apply only if they are being used the following. Book buyback a service provided by abebooks is working with to offer you a quick and convenient buyback service for your new books, used books, and textbooks. If you have purchased textbooks through this site, please click this link to view which of your books are part of the current buyback list. To check our prices please enter your isbn numbers below, one book per line. Th e bookstore cannot guarantee the buyback of any book at any time. In 2010, we started book it buyback, a division of.

The bookstore offers a credit buyback several months of the year. Once a faculty member submits a textbook adoption major deadlines are october and march, we may have a demand for those titles. The campus bookstore occasionally hosts a book buyback. Book buyback lakeland community college mylakeland. Find 187 listings related to where to sell used books in orlando on. The official campus bookstore for baton rouge community college.

Simply enter the isbns of the books you wish to sell below to. It appears that your browser does not support javascript, or you have it disabled. Please note that these are common reasons for a book to not be bought back but it is not an comprehensive list. Quickly view vendors, vendor ratings, and buyback prices at any time from the convenience of your. Grayslake campus lancer book stop conducts a daily buyback which occurs inside the store every day. You can even sell novels, cookbooks and other types of books. Nebraska book company will provide a quotes and a printable shipping label. Auto suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. Enter up to 20 books and then click on the sell books button below. The buyback is conducted by an independent used book wholesale company, not the bookstore. Add an isbn to your buyback list by typing the number into the enter isbn. Buyback information frederick community college bookstore. Books purchased as a set must be sold back as a set. Our buyback staff tries to be as lenient as possible with every buyback book we receive, and we like to buy as many books as possible.

Textbooks are available for purchase and rental, and we offer a buyback program for many materials throughout the semester. The isbn is a 10 or digit number that is unique to a particular title, author, edition, and publisher. Buyback typically occurs during selected days during the first week of the semester and selected days during the last week of the semester. Book buyback guidelines the jccc bookstore will not buy back books with any of the below problems. Bookstore for sylvania, newberg center and distance learning. These buyers will buy back books at the rate of up to 50% of what you paid.

Sell books with free shipping and no worries about if your book will sell or not. On the site, students can search for the book isbns they want to sell back and create a transaction. A book buyer from a used book company will be located outside of the bookstore at the end of each semester, during finals, and again for one day at the beginning of each semester, on the austin campus. Find used book store in surrounding orlando, fl on yellowbook.

Contact us the book nook at finger lakes community college. Textbook buyback is open in our store most of the year. You may remove an isbn by selecting the number and. Used book buyback a used book buyback is held at the end of each semester during finals week. Book buyback will be conducted the week of finals of each semester. Bookscouter helps you sell textbooks and used books for the most money by comparing offers from over 35 book buyback vendors with a single search. Sell back your books for top dollar enter one or more isbns below to add them to your buyback book list, tell us where to send the check, print the prepaid shipping label and youre done.

Visit the nebraska book companys online buyback service. End of term buyback will be held during finals week of each term. We do purchase some of our used books from wholesale book companies, but our goal is to buy the majority through our students at buyback. It is our policy to buy every college textbook that you decide is no longer needed or wanted and for which there is a resale market. The bookstore offers a year round buyback program with our bulk buy and best pricing the last two weeks of each semester during our end of semester buyback. Student id required for all textbook buyback dates. Book recycling buyback program prices and conditions li liststyleposition. Therefore, you received less money than you could have if the information had been known earlier. Enter one or more isbns below to add them to your buyback book list, tell us where to send the check, print the prepaid shipping label and youre done. Click here to check out our hassel free online buyback program. Simply enter the isbns of the books you wish to sell below to find out how much were offering to buy them for. If the bookstore has a need, we will make a cash offer regardless of whether you bought the book new, used, or it was purchased elsewhere. Search for buyback information on previous purchases.

During finals week in the spring and fall, students can bring in their books and try to sell them back for cash. If a book requires minor repair to a sellable condition, we will make the repair and the price paid will be slightly adjusted. We will give you a buyback quote when we scan your book in the store. Isbn are digit numbers and are usually printed on the books barcode. Buyback information johnson county community college. Book buyback policy the butler community college bookstore provides, as a service to the students, a cash buyback during finals week of each semester. Due to the covid19 pandemic, the flcc book nook has moved to a virtual only business model to comply with mandates from nys gov. Lookup buyback prices fayetteville technical community. There are zero items in your cart, please price more items to check out. The college store reserves the right to refuse to buy any book for any reason. The bookstore will have acquired as many copies of a book as are needed here so the book is moved from the cobber bookstores buyback book list to the wholesale list to be shipped off campus. Your best bet for a high buyback price is to bring your books in during finals week. If possible, we recommend you wait for this buyback as you may get a better price for your books. Your bookstore has partnered with nebraska book company, one of the nations largest used textbook buyers, to pay you top dollar for your books.

June 12, 8am4pm explore the value of your used book for oncampus buyback online buyback. Books need to be mailed within five business days or seven calendar days to ensure we receive them berfore the 30day locked buyback quote expires. Cash for books fayetteville technical community college. A used textbook company will be on hand to buy back textbooks at current market value for both the bookstore and the used textbook company.

Isbns are 10 or digit codes identifying specific editions of a book. Buybacksell back lorain county community college bookstore. If the bookstore purchases your book for college use for the upcoming semester, you will be paid 50% of the sticker price, except for books containing oneuser software. Please note that valorebooks does not buy back books with broken covers, water damage, or excessive highlighting. We will also honor price quotes printed by you from the nebraska book company s mailin program below. Enter one valid isbn number per line to lookup the buyback price. The schoolcraft college bookstore makes every effort to get you the highest possible payment for your used books. Skyline college bookstore, your 1 stop shop for all your needs at skyline college. The book place has been in the business of buying and selling books, music, and movies for over five years. Buyback is a service that gives students a way to dispose of textbooks that they no longer need. Not only will you be competing with thousands of students to get a measly few dollars for your book, but you will probably have to stand in line to boot. Sell textbooks online we buyback your college books for cash. Please allow a few extra days for shippinghandling.

Online bookstorephone numbersbuy back servicespurchase and return guidelines. The best time to sell textbooks is during or near finals week for a given semester may and december are the largest buyback sessions. Online book buyback available this virtual buyback site will allow you to search for the book isbns you want to sell back and create a. Unfortunately, some book orders are received at the unm bookstore after the end of semester buyback period has ended. Get the most cash selling textbooks to textbookrush please note that the prices offered are a quote and are subject to change if the information provided differs from what is received. Books containing software andor validation codes and workbooks with perforated pages may not be accepted. Once the order is complete, simply box up your books and ship using the label provided. Sell your textbooks for store credit, check, or paypal.

Find 296 listings related to book buyback in miami on. In most cases you do not need your original receipt for the endofthe term buyback, although receipts are. Sell textbooks for cash used textbook buyback bookbyte. Simply enter your books isbn number in the box above and we will give you an instant price quote. It is the best way for the bookstore to obtain used copies of books. Before you go to the college bookstore and get only a fraction of what you paid, check bookfinder. When one is scheduled, it will be listed on the events calendar at abtech. Student services welcome to the flcc book nook the book.

After we buy 25, the price that you will receive will be set by the wholesale company that amount is based on the demand the book has nationwide. Searching by isbn ensures that you find the exact edition you are looking for when buying textbooks. Please bring all materials that came with your textbooks, cds, dvds, andor unused online access cards. Daily book buyback will not be available during end of term book buyback. The bookstores provide services to students, faculty, and staff.

The quality and condition of the textbooks must meet bookstore and wholesale standards. They will buy back books not being used at ctc if they have a need for that book at another school or campus. How to sell used textbooks back in the bookstore for cash. When books are bought back for the college store, you receive a percentage of the original retail price of a new book under the following conditions. Our textbook buyback partners provide free shipping labels so you dont worry about.

Finger lakes community college is a supportive, learningcentered environment that empowers our students, provides enriching life experiences, and enhances the quality of life throughout our community. Abebooks is working with to offer you a quick and convenient buyback service for your new books, used books, and textbooks. Generally, it takes 710 business days for your books to reach our warehouse after shipping. All prices are based on the book being in good or better condition and. Isbn codes are usually listed on a book s back cover, bar code, or page. Buyback windows are located down the hallway from the jccc bookstore, first floor, student center building, main campus. Anyone whos purchased highschool and college textbooks knows how expensive they are, so when the class is complete, it seems like a waste to let the books collect dust. Selling books online to sell back your book could not be easier. Selling your used textbooks at the campus bookstore during buyback is a sure way to throw money down the drain.

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